??? - 12/26/05
Oscar was our honorary Golden. He was really a Golden/Chessie mix. Oscar was a local rescue. He came to
us  after his owners abandoned him at a vet office. He spent a long time in the kennel and became angry at
the world. When he came here he was very aggressive. I started working with him and gave him some
"jobs" to do. He completely turned around He became a sweet, mushy boy. He spent his time playing with
the other guys and especially hunting lizards. No lizard was safe around here!!  Oscar  truly had a complete
"Change in Attitude" !!
We lost him suddenly from hemangiosarcoma. He was diagnosed and gone in less than 3 weeks. Oscar is
missed by the gang. We loved the old guy. We will see you again sweet boy at the bridge.
Oscar on a Lizard Hunt ....  his  favorite pastime!!!