CH Mariner Doubleshot CGC
Yellow Rose Classic Rock
Puppy Application
Yellow Rose is proud to
The "Love" Litter

Puppies Whelped 2/09/11
4 Boys and 3 Girls !!!
Our Birthday Picture !!!
1 Day Old
Mama and Babies
2 Days Old
5 Days Old
10 Days Old
19 Days Old...We Have Eyes !!!
Happy, noisy puppies !!
3 Weeks Old
3 Weeks Old !!

Navy Boy                                    Blue Boy                                   Green Boy                             Red Boy
Rainbow Girl                                            Pink Girl                                             Yellow Girl

                                       4 Week Old Head Shots !!

**Update 3/30/11
All puppies are spoken for
Happy Faces !!  5 Weeks Old
Snap, Crackle, Pop
Fun with water bottles !!