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The "Beer" Litter
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Jazzin's Rumors Will Fly
Puppy Pedigree
Puppies are here !!!
Born 7/10/08
5 Girls and 4 Boys !!
3 Days Old
5 Days Old
10 Days Old
12 Days Old
2 Weeks Old
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Puppy Video
Dinner Time
2 1/2 Weeks Old
Pups 3 weeks
Aunt Divi helps Mama
Rumor with the cleanup !!
First Meal  !!!
I think they liked it !!!
3 1/2 Week  Old Head Shots
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Pink Girl               Lt  Blue Girl              Green Girl                Yellow Girl             Rainbow Girl
Navy Boy                     Aqua Boy                        Red Boy                         Black Boy
New Digs !!  
3 1/2 Weeks
Puppy Playtime  4 Weeks Old
4 Week Old Puppy Agility !!
That teeter and dog walk sure are fun !!
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4 1/2 weeks old---  havin fun !!
Aunt Layla has some tasty ears
5 1/2 Weeks Old
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Lt Blue Girl
Rainbow Girl
Green Girl
Pink Girl
Red Boy
Navy Boy
Aqua Boy
Black Boy
Puppy Patio Party  7 weeks old
7 Week Stack Shots