Jazzin's Rumors Will Fly

8 weeks old
Kisses from Uncle Wally !!
Fun with Cuervo and Wally
Mud Puppy !!
3 1/2 Months Old - Here Come the LEGS!!
5 mos old
Me and Uncle Junior
Flying Rumor
8 Mos Old
First Snow !!  Frozen mud is yummy!!
Rumor having fun on the 'ranch'
10 mos old
Rumor  1 year old
Rumor 15 months
Fun with Divi !!
My dearest Rumor  how we miss you !!  You were so sweet, an
amazing mother, queen of the house. You left us way too young
at 6 from a bite from a brown recluse spider. You fought so hard
to beat it, but it was not to be. I know you are waiting at the
bridge and I can still see your beautiful face in your daughters
Shiner and Chyli. Rest in peace beautiful girl......