Yellow Rose Golden Retrievers

Yellow Rose Golden Retrievers

My name is Susan King. I spent many years locked up in an office programming computers. I finally decided to let my life"Go to the Dogs!" I started working as a dog trainer, something I had enjoyed and practiced for a long time.

I started my relationship with Golden Retrievers with my boy Jake. He taught me the wonder, beauty and companionship that this wonderful breed had to offer. While I love and cherish all parents raised German Shepherds when I was young...Goldens will always have a permanent piece of my heart.

This site was developed as a tribute to my wonderful partners in life. They have taught me the true meaning of life, and have shown me the way to happiness!! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

We are a small hobby breeder located in Smithville,Texas about 40 miles east of Austin,TX. We breed a few choice litters every year. Our dogs are all members of our family and live in the house with us. Sometimes they even let us sleep on the bed..LOL

What our puppy parents are saying!

I tell our pup Cody every day that he's the Goodest Boy! He's the most gentle, friendly and affectionate guy! The perfect addition for a family with young children...

Sue was great to work with. She brings knowledge and expertise about the breed and has earned her positive reputation. You can easily tell that she genuinely loves each and every puppy. They are treated with loving care in her home.

Jennifer and Cody
Testimonial - Jennifer and Cody

This is our Finn, one of the males from the Beatles Song litter. He's our third Golden and is the king of our home. He has a larger than life personality and keeps us on our toes. Active, smart, playful, loving and funny all rolled into one handsome boy. He is everything a Golden should be. We couldn't imagine life without him and love him more every day. Thank you Sue for a wonderful pup❤

Cindy, John and Finn
Testimonial - Cindy, John and Finn

I’m so lucky to have had two Yellow Rose pups in my life. Susan’s dogs are wonderful, and she’s a great resource for their whole lives.

Annie and Arlo
Testimonial - Annie and Arlo

Susan exhibits the finest qualities all responsible canine parents should seek out. She leaves nothing to chance with regard to her puppies health, wellbeing and placement. The amount of dedication Susan displays before, during and after a puppies placement is admirable. She’s a coach/resource, a loving grandmama and her commitment to the breed is second to none. The bond Susan creates with her dogs is deep and everlasting and I’m proud to now call the world’s best breeder my friend. I couldn’t imagine looking anywhere else for a sweet, healthy, good-natured, loving Golden…and…they are all GORGEOUS!!

Jay and Santana
Testimonial - Jay and Santana

Yellow Rose Flynn’s Clu to the Grid (aka Memphis) is from the 2017 Disney litter. From the first week with our family, Memphis has been going to work with his momma. What started as a way for Memphis to be socialized and cared for during the day soon progressed to his becoming a member of the team. In 2019, Memphis was officially named the Chief Morale Officer and Welcoming Committee at his momma’s work. Nowadays, when he goes to work, he welcomes all of the employees and clients to the company. He makes the rounds throughout the day to make sure everyone pays sufficient attention to him. All of this morale boosting is very hard work, so he makes sure to take several nap breaks throughout the day under his momma’s desk to recoup his energy. When not hard at work, he is looking after his person. He helps wake her up and get her ready for school in the morning. He also makes sure she is never alone at bedtime. And of course, he always makes sure she has a playmate. But every busy dog also needs downtime. He gets his “me time” at the local doggie daycare, which is usually followed by a spa day to remove all the mud.

In all seriousness, Yellow Rose and Susan are amazing. When we first reached out to Susan, she welcomed us into her home so that we could meet her dogs and see where she raises and works with them. It was clear from the start that she is not simply a breeder. She clearly loves each of her babies as they are part of her family. The level of attention she gives to them is beyond compare and it shows in the process she uses for finding families for her puppies. With her application process and the puppy selection process, we felt confident that she would select the right puppy for us. And we were right. Memphis has been a wonderful addition to our family. He loves playing with our daughter, whether she is laying on him while reading a book or running around the yard playing ball. He loves to go on 5-mile walks with his momma or sleep on the couch and watch a movie with his daddy. He is a perfect match for our family. We would like to thank Susan for being such a thoughtful and caring breeder. The time and attention she gives to her dogs and her puppies is evident in everything she does. We recommend her and her dogs to everyone wanting a wonderful golden as part of their family.

Dawn and Memphis
Testimonial - 3 Yr Old Memphis Helping His Person Get Ready for School
Wally swimming
Golden Retriever puppy

Dog training isn't expensive....It's priceless!!

I am a certified trainer specializing in problem behavior and basic obedience. I am a registered canine good citizen Evaluator for the AKC. I offer private instruction locally for reasonable prices, and can custom tailor programs to meet you and your dogs needs .